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The Natural Way Birthing Project~ Fort Worth began as one of more than 100 Birthing Projects that operated across the country and world under the umbrella of the parent organization, Birthing Project USA.

We can best be described as a “Kitchen Table” project with no traditional funding and no traditional office facilities. We operate with dedicated volunteers who give of themselves to mentor pregnant and parenting teens and women. Our purpose is to encourage better birth outcomes by providing practical support to women during pregnancy and for one year after the birth of their children.

Our mission to help lower the infant mortality risk factors and nurture participating families through education, advocacy and support during pregnancy and beyond.

Our goal is to assist in educating, empowering and navigating resources for project participants and expectant families in the city of Fort Worth and surrounding Tarrant County to enhance non-medical, practical, communal/social support and advocacy to help minimize the staggering infant mortality issue in this local area.

Why is this program needed in the community?

In the city of Fort Worth, the most alarming infant mortality rates are recorded amongst African-American women. Infant mortality is defined as…. Some factors associated with why these babies die: they are born too soon (premature birth) and too small (low birth weight), weighing less than 5½ pounds, and recent statistics identify maternal infections. Early and regular prenatal care is one of the best ways to prevent these outcomes, along with increased breastfeeding rates education and support. The infant mortality rate for African-American babies is staggeringly high; in some statistics it doubles the rate of babies of all other races and ethnicities.