Creating a DFW Childbirth Educator Culture


The Natural Way Birthing Project has a wonderful opportunity for committed community residents to become Community Childbirth Educators. 


In order to provide opportunities to a diverse group of participants, The Natural Way Birthing Project is glad to provide non-certification affiliated childbirth educator trainings throughout the year to increase the number of community childbirth educators in the DFW community.


This training and competency verification offers evidenced-based information including but not limited to: comprehensive childbirth education training, practical & emotional skills, along with information about specific comfort measures that will make you more effective as a community childbirth educator. You will feel more confident about your ability to convey information regarding labor and birth, immediate postpartum, newborn & breastfeeding support, effective strategies that make childbirth a gentle, meaningful experience for your families, strategies and tips for special circumstances – VBAC delivery, multiples, planned cesarean deliveries, etc.  You will learn professional communication skills on how to talk to mothers and families in a way that encourages them to choose seek evidence-based care, confidence building knowledge and skills, & business planning and marketing for your new business opportunity.


Community Childbirth Educator Training

Day One & Two 9:00am-5:00pm

Topics Include:

Late pregnancy issues and concerns, Anatomy of pregnancy, Warning signs & preterm, Packing for hospital, Signs and stages of labor, Induction, Interventions, Pain management & gate control theory, Comfort measures, Creating birth plans, Cesarean section, Breastfeeding, SIDS, Postpartum, Marketing the birth planning session….AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!!

Day Three 9:00am-5:00pm

Topics Include:

Business model for doula care, visibility training & documents, business head shots.

Closing Ceremony & Blessingway



$599 Training fees includes:

A childbirth education materials, electronic documents: posters, handouts, a childbirth education book, birth planning session materials & business documents, online mentoring and support. There are no scholarships available for this training. For more information, download the brochure.

Please check our calendar for location, dates and times of the trainings.


This training is not affiliated with any certifying childbirth education agency or organization. No continuing education is required, but it is always encouraged that you stay abreast to the most current evidence-based learning.


Childbirth Educator Training Brochure

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