Creating a DFW Community Doula Culture


The Natural Way Birthing Project has DONA-approved Birth Doula Training opportunities.


In order to provide opportunities to a diverse group of participants, The Natural Way Birthing Project is glad to provide birth doula training to increase the number of doulas in the DFW community.


This internationally referenced training and competency verification includes evidenced-based information including but not limited to: comprehensive doula service training, practical & emotional skills, along with comfort measures that will make you more effective as a birth doula and immediate postpartum, newborn & breastfeeding support, effective strategies that make childbirth a meaningful experience for your clients, strategies and tips for special circumstances – VBAC delivery, multiples, planned cesarean deliveries, etc, professional development and skills on how to talk to mothers in a way that encourages them to choose doula care, confidence building knowledge and skills, doula practice & cultural competency for your new venture.


Childbirth Education Class for Doulas

Day One 8:00am-5:00pm

Topics Include:

 Pregnancy anatomy, birth plans, informed consent, sign & stages, preterm labor

 Interventions & pain management

 Cesarean delivery, breastfeeding, newborn care & more.


DONA Birth Doula Training

Day Two 8:00am-5:00pm

Topics Include:

 Cultural competency for birth workers,

 Impact of birth, contracting clients, values clarification, & labor review

 Comfort measures and relaxation

 Challenges of labor, VBAC and caesarean

Day Three 8:00am-5:00pm

Topics Include:

 Newborn & postpartum care, breastfeeding support, networking & social media

 Professionalism, overview of the doula practice (taxes, advertising, scheduling), getting started

 Postpartum follow-up, role play

 Evaluations

Day Four 8:00am-5:00pm

Topics Include:

     Certification process and intake forms; record keeping

 Local resource collaborations, Q&A

 Closing Ceremony & Blessingway


$599* Tuition includes:

A childbirth education and basic breastfeeding class for doulas, DONA approved birth doula training, corresponding workbooks & online mentoring and support toward certifying births.


This workshop meets DONA Birth Doula Certification requirements for: Childbirth Class, 20-hour Birth Doula Training. This workshop is DONA approved toward your certification and valid for 4 years. Please check our calendar for location, dates and times of the training.


*Stipulations apply and applicant must be willing to serve 3 expectant families in exchange for discounted tuition. All births can be used towards certification if they meet the requirements.



The following are links for more information to the scholarships:

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2017 Hardship Scholarship

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