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Who is this workshop for? 

This 7-hr workshop is available to pregnant women & their support persons in DFW. This workshop is offered FREE on the 4th Saturday of each month (except December) in Fort Worth. Each workshop includes lunch and healthy snacks. Please call for details. Space is limited!


What We Offer
 This fast-track workshop shares evidenced-based information relevant to those who plan to birth empowered and informed. Quality childbirth education reduces fear and anxiety for the mother-to-be and her partner before and during labor. It promotes more confidence and participation in decision-making with caregivers. The goal of this workshop is not only offer childbirth education, but to determine which participants benefited from the opportunity to attend the workshop. We aim to follow up postpartum and measure the birth weight and gestation at delivery, those who developed a birth plan prior to delivery, mothers who had the help of trained labor support and initiated breastfeeding. The overall outcome is to determine whether our workshop has an impact on infant mortality risk factors that are staggering in our community.


We believe that pregnant moms don’t get a 2nd chance for their 1st birth experience: Prepare and learn all you can!

~Prepare to learn issues that are common and normal in late pregnancy.
~Prepare to learn the anatomy of pregnancy, sign and stages of labor and the warning signs for

   premature labor.
~Prepare to learn about medical interventions like: epidural anesthesia, medical pain management and

  medication options and the evidence that supports when and how they should be utilized.
~Prepare to learn how to establish a support team and how they will assist with basic relaxation

  techniques, comfort measures and some breathing techniques.
~Prepare to learn how to create a birth plan and to discuss it with the care provider who is supporting the

  birth experience.
~Prepare to learn the aspects of cesarean delivery.
~Prepare to learn about postpartum hospital care and postpartum home care.
~Prepare to learn basic breastfeeding techniques and newborn care, also learn about SIDS and how to

  reduce infant mortality.
~Prepare to learn how to prepare for the hospital stay and general hospital protocols.


Registration Information:

     ~ Complete the online form

     ~ LIKE our Facebook page for info: www.facebook.com/TheNaturalWayBirthingProjectFtWorth/events

     ~ Wear comfortable clothing and bring a blanket and 2 pillows

     ~ Weekend class only – every 4th Saturday (except December): 9am – 5pm

     ~ Times and locations are subject to change based on instructor availability




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